Why Escape Tales?

People have been traveling for holidays, exploration, change of environment (rehab) and complete bucketlist of wanderlust. Often these people search online for top places from blogs, websites, family and friends. If they fail to make a wholesome itinerary then they go to travel agencies for ease. It end as shortcoming in terms of money spent, less time or missing out on top places. For eg: during my first international visit, I visited Singapore and I missed out on Universal Studios due to lack of knowledge and no internet access. My self planned trip was a total mess up.

These days travelers are looking into blogs and read their travel stories. No wonder those beautiful pictures make them travel more. People scout for cheapest flights, best hotels and places to visit. Those long writeups and hundreds of websites will you sure make you feel lost and confused.

That’s exactly why Escape Tales helps. Short write ups with places to visit, flight and staying options and what to carry. This article will come with whole bunch of personal experience.

After finding perfect itinerary

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What is Escape Tales?🧐

Escape Tales is a travel blog where we will be sharing pocket friendly trip plans. These plans are curated from personal experiences. Escape Tales’ short composed itineraries aims at focusing on must-visit places, transportation, stays, travel essentials and tourist testimonials.

Weekly post will be updated on the blog and social media. Photos will be posted on Instagram and Facebook for a week after the itinerary is uploaded.

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